As business owners, leaders, and most importantly people, we are all going through a tough time right now. There are a lot of uncertainties in both our personal lives and business.We are not sure how this time in history will affect companies going forward. 

Still, we need a plan of action:

  • How are we going to operate our businesses currently in the safest way possible?
  • How do we help our employees stay free from harm?
  • How are we going to engage with our audiences moving forward?
  • Will all events be canceled indefinitely and we need to go virtual?

The first thing we addressed was ensuring all our crew and production teams are safe. Then moving forward ensuring they’re following protocols outlined by the CDC and World Health Organization.

Since our team is used to working remotely in Cambridge, London and across the United Kingdom, nothing has changed in regard to how we communicate.

One other major change for us:  a lot of our business comes from events and conferences which have all been postponed or canceled.

We had to quickly shift how we can help our clients through the challenging months ahead; something we believe our team does BEST — acting quickly, efficiently and effectively. 

Everybody is trying to figure out what to do next. How do we solve our problems when things go back to normal?  Because they will.

Eventually, things will get back to normal. But maybe the new normal will be fewer events and conferences. And more virtual summits and digital experiences.

Through all of this, I realized that now is the time we can provide the most value to our clients. All of which we can help as they figure out the best ways to connect to their customers going forward.

Right now is the best time to strategize and capitalize.

We all need to start thinking even more about how we can engage further with our customers virtually. Everybody is stuck at home in front of their computers, iPhones or iPads. Many bored with Netflix and craving an experience. They want to learn and engage. They also want a sense of community now more than ever.

Here are a few goals you should be thinking about immediately:

– Value: How can you provide the most value to your current customers? What problem can you help them solve? What are you an expert at? What kind of digital experience can you create for your audience?

– Creative: How do you make sure your strategy best represents your company, its values, and beliefs? How can you create a story that resonates with your audience while ensuring the style, tone, and voice match your messaging?

– Logistics and Planning: How do you confirm every I is dotted and T is crossed? If you’re working across the country or global, how do you make sure you can still capture footage in San Francisco and do a live stream in New York next month?

In order to make these things happen quickly and effectively, you need to plan accordingly. If you are looking to pivot immediately into virtual events, here are 3 quick strategies that could be helpful for you to connect to your audience.

  1. Keynote presentation brought to life with motion graphics and video content, including interviews with stakeholders brand videos, digitally broadcast for private groups with live chat.
  2. A single live-streamed multi-cam and multi-location presentation, supported by a digital campaign of video content in the pre and post-event stage, strategically developed to promote your event and it’s speakers and themes.
  3. A multi-day digital conference, inclusive of multiple live-streams a day, with capabilities for live and group chat, as well as waiting areas for remote-attendees who are between sessions

Right now is the time we can provide the most value to you and help you navigate how to create a virtual event, summit, conference or figure out what is the best digital experience for your business goals.

Despite all the uncertainty, stay positive and remember we’re all in this together.  We will share more updates along the way too, but let me know if we can help you in the meantime.

Please contact us if you would like to jump on a call and see what would be the right strategy for you and your company. 

Keep Inspiring,