We create cinematic films to suit your every requirement. If you require a film or short video to promote your business to customers created with professionalism and flexibility using the latest technique and broadcast equipment, this is where OH! Films comes in. We deliver engaging online video content which communicates, influences and inspires.

As social people, stories are our natural form of communication — one that’s been around since message sharing was more common on cave walls than computers. So when conveyed properly, your story creates a memorable experience that moves people to action.

For far too long, brands have relied on facts, data and figures to share ideas. It’s an approach that works against human nature. The fact is, the brain is hard-wired to receive information through visual storytelling.

When you hear a story, you naturally relate it to an existing experience. Parts of your brain activate in a way that turns the story into your own ideas. So by simply sharing your brand’s story, you’re able to stir the imagination and literally plant your message inside other people’s minds.

At OH! Films we make videos accessible to any size business, from small traders to multinational corporations. We make the power of video as a promotional tool available to everyone.

We produce visually stunning films using the latest equipment so that value for money does not mean a sacrifice in quality.  Whatever your objective, we can create a film that communicates your key message with style while presenting your business as modern and dynamic.

Our corporate video production company team will help you shine a spotlight on your brand — showing the personalities that make your organisation so special.

A an event is all about community.  Whatever your event, large or small, OH! Films have experience in covering events from conferences and exhibitions, to talks, presentations and prize-givings, to corporate parties or training events, and more.  We can supply a crew to document the event and create a lasting record.

Using a stringent preparation process and state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, we ensure your live stream runs smoothly from start to finish.  With video your event is not just limited to those who physically attend, it can be shared around the world allowing unlimited exposure.

At OH Films, we use the power of photography as a way of helping you capture and present the amazing stories you wish to tell, ready for publication on your website or a range of social media platforms.

Whether for a product launch or a corporate away day, our ability to capture the essences of an event is something we always pride ourselves in doing. Our attitude is always focused on presenting your brand and events in the best possible light, so let us tell your story.


Our Cambridge and London based event photographers have years of experience when it comes to capturing memorable moments.  Most recently, we have captured events at various locations both in the UK and internationally.

We have been hired by businesses to cover product launches, annual meeting (AGM) events, film premieres, May balls, award dinners and ceremonies at Universities and private schools.

Teleprompters are scrolling screens that display text or script to a presenter speaking to camera.  They are used when a speaker needs to convey a lot of detail or technical specifications, and also install confidence in the speaker as they don’t have to worry about remembering large amounts of text.

Being able to look right down the lens and speak directly to the audience can have a powerful effect.  A carefully crafted message and the ability to deliver it, via a teleprompter, can ensure you really connect with your audience.

How Does It Work?

Works by a specially coated sheet of high-quality glass standing on a 45 degree angle to the presenter. An inverted and rotated LCD screen sits on the floor beneath this. The angle means that the presenter can see the screen, while the audience simply see straight through the glass.

View Example Here

OH! Films specialies in green screen production.  Our portable green screens allow us to shoot on location if necessary. If you want to record a short video or interview, we can do that at your office or wherever you choose, eliminating the need and expense of hiring a studio set or travel for you and your teams.

Chroma Key is the process of recording a subject over a colored background, usually green or blue and replacing the background with other content or leaving it transparent.

With green screen we can substitute the background with any image or virtual set, bringing your video to life.

Benefits of Green Screen

Our mobile green screen is ideal for marketing and promotional videos as well as photography and websites. It is an innovative way to add edge and visual interest to your production while keeping costs low.

Creative Approach. Always.

Our team is at the centre of a creative network who are professionally trained, passionate and highly experienced in all areas of filmmaking. We are a friendly company with a can-do attitude.

OH! Films crew value quality over quantity and prefer to work in collaboration with our clients, always striving to ensure their precise needs are met.  We are proud to offer quality for your investment that the larger agencies cannot match.

High Quality Production. Nothing more.

We love to keep up-to-date and use cutting edge film equipment to ensure your video is of the highest quality standards. We have proudly completed outstanding films for TV broadcast as well as corporate and promotional films for marketing campaigns and web use.

When it comes to OH! Films, we have the experience and resources to take your video project from initial idea to end product, which means that we can do as much, or as little, as you need. Here is a quick rundown of how our storytelling process works:

The best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the objective I was going for and completely delivered outstanding film we are proud of.

Sam Gomarsall, Cambridge United FC Community Trust

It was really fun working with the OH! Films team during the project. The film ended up being twice as good as we could've envisioned!

James Broadway, St Faith's Cambridge

OH! Films team worked brilliantly with us during TEDx preparations and throughout the event itself. They captured all talks professionally and delivered the videos we are proud of.

Amos Fong, TEDx