Before you decide to go ahead and book OH! Films for your next video production project, there are probably lots of questions you want to ask. Below you can find answers to the most common questions about our video services.

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, the OH! Films team is available 7 days a week to speak to personally for any queries.

How do I get a quote for promotional film?

The best place to start is by emailing and explaining your aims and objectives for your film. From there, we will endeavor to create as accurate costing as possible and contact you to arrange a 1-1 meeting where we will take you through the details of the production.

Can you use and edit footage shot by ourselves/other companies?

Absolutely, we can work with just about any digital format that is available. Additional costs may be incurred if the formats are tape based such as DigiBeta, HD Cam, BetaSP etc and quality is dependent on the format provided, especially if it is direct from the Web.

Video SEO?

As part of the initial discussion on distribution we will give you a series of video SEO (search engine optimisation) options. Like websites, there are many SEO options available, to drive traffic to your video. These include ensuring your YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe etc pages are accessible and contain relevant keywords, embedding in Landing Pages, keyword research for the individual videos and actively posting within the site communities. We do not offer generation of artificial views due to the unreliable nature of this service, the risk of having your account permanently banned and corrupting your tracking data.

What format do you shoot in and can provide end video in?

We always shoot in high definition formats, typically 1080p. Typically we will supply the completed films in digital formats such as .mov .mp4 .wmv among others upon request and physical format such as DVD (standard definition), BluRay (720p/1080p) and USB drives.

What is the production duration usually?

The length of time it can take to produce a film can vary, however we do have a fast track option, should there be a tight deadline that needs meeting.  Typically a 1-2 minute promotional film can be completed in 10 working days, pending availability of interviewees, locations and other variables. Precise timescales will be advised with the initial quotation or during a 1-1 consultation.

Is there anything I need to provide for producing a promotional film?

Before we commence filming, we will arrange a pre-production meeting to talk through in detail arrangements for your film and advise what we would like to be supplied such as access, contributors.

Generally it’s useful to have a version of your logo in a vector or high resolution format with a transparent background (alpha). Formats such as: PSD, EPS, AI or PDF are usually the easiest to work with. Similarly if you wish to have images included the higher resolution the format, the better the results in the finished video.

What is the process of producing promotional film?

We have 5 stages that we work through in producing your promotional film.

  1. Distribution. Some may think this should be the last step however, we believe it’s important to establish what results you want from your promotional film before we even consider picking up a camera. This starts with understanding who your target market is and establishing how we can reach them through film. This will dictate the style and overall approach we’ll take, with a clear plan of where you will be distributing the film.
  2. Scripting. With a clear direction of who the film is directed towards we will develop a storyboard and/or a script that blocks out the flow of the film to give you a clear idea of what the final film will look like. If we’re using a VO we will script out exact wording with the visuals associated to each sentence linked underneath. For interviews, we will provide a list of questions for approval and where necessary offer basic media training, to set the interviewees at ease prior to filming their interviews.
  3. Production. This is where the magic happens, we bring together all the visual elements described in the script. You are of course welcome to be present for as much or as little of this stage as you like.
  4. Post-Production. When filming is completed we take all the footage back to our state of the art edit suite. Here we create any additional motion graphics and create the first edit, this will then be uploaded privately for you to review. You can then request any amends you wish to have made prior to mastering.
  5. Mastering. After your approval on the final film, we will supply you with a High Definition master copy of your film along with arranging duplication to Blu-Ray, DVD or USB drives. We will also upload to the web and social media platforms along with other hosting needs.

How much does the promotional video cost?

There are a lot of variables to consider when costing out a promotional film such as the amount of content required, complexity of the shoot, availability of interviewees, number of locations etc. As a rough rule of thumb prices tend to start in the region of £1,500.00 for a full promotional film.

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"A pleasure to work with OH team and would highly recommend
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