Green Screen Video Filming, Cambridge

Chroma Key is the process of recording a subject over a colored background, usually green or blue and replacing the background with other content or leaving it transparent.

OH! Films has portable screens, allowing us to shoot on location if necessary. If you want to record a short video or interview, we can do that on location wherever you choose, eliminating the need and expense of hiring a studio set.

With green screen we can substitute the background with any image or virtual set, bringing your video to life.

Benefits of Green Screen

Our mobile green screen is ideal for marketing and promotional videos as well as photography and websites. It is an innovative way to add edge and visual interest to your production while keeping costs low.

Example of Green Screen Before and After

Green Screen Cambridge Before and After

Video Example

Benefits of Using Green Screen

Different Locations at Your fingertips
Branding Consistency
Professional Backgrounds
Mobile Setup Anywhere

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