Autocue and Teleprompter Services

The advantage of the Autocue is that the presenter doesn’t have to learn scripts. In television Autocues are used all over the place. With a well written script the viewer will never know that the presenter isn’t reciting the script from memory. They also make video production significantly faster as there are far fewer mistakes.

Teleprompters are scrolling screens that display text or script to a presenter speaking to camera.  They are used when a speaker needs to convey a lot of detail or technical specifications, and also install confidence in the speaker as they don’t have to worry about remembering large amounts of text.

In addition, studies have shown that eye contact influences whether or not we trust someone.  Being able to look right down the lens and speak directly to the audience can have a powerful effect.  A carefully crafted message and the ability to deliver it, via a teleprompter, can ensure you really connect with your audience.

How Does It Work?

Works by a specially coated sheet of high-quality glass standing on a 45 degree angle to the presenter. An inverted and rotated LCD screen sits on the floor beneath this. The angle means that the presenter can see the screen, while the audience simply see straight through the glass.


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