Five Ways to Increase Clients and Rank YouTube Videos Higher on Google

By October 11, 2019Video News, Video Tips

You must consistently publish high-quality, compelling content to rank high on Google. More importantly, you need to optimize it for search engines, so that it can pop up in relevant search results.  There are three ways your YouTube videos (or any other content, for that matter) can rank on Google:

  • Paid search results
  • Local search results
  • Organic search results

1. Paid Search Results

These results display all the Google ads that you pay for. Whenever someone types some of your specific keywords into their search query, Google will show them your ad.

Google Ads is a great way to stand out, especially if you have a lot of competition. It’s also perfect if you target keywords with a high potential for revenue.

2. Local Search Results

Local results are the results that Google displays on the map (Google Maps). This can be beneficial to you if you have a brick-and-mortar business.

To rank locally on Google, you need to have a Google MyBusiness account, which is entirely free. Once you set it up, your business will pop up in search results whenever someone looks up a keyword that includes your location.

With local search results, your chances of ranking on Google are much higher. This is simply because your business is displayed on the map, together with other businesses in the area.

This also means you have higher chances of attracting new customers. If they’re searching for local businesses, that means they’re looking to buy. 

3. Organic Search Results

Organic results are also a free way to rank on Google. Google uses an advanced algorithm to rank websites and content for organic search results.

This algorithm analyzes keywords, web design, relevance, backlinks, and many other factors to determine the ranking.

The most important factor for an organic rating is credibility or website authority. Websites with a high domain authority appear higher in the results. To increase that authority, you need to optimize your website for search engines.

But let’s start with optimizing your video content, which is the type of content that Google loves the most.

Five Ways to Increase Clients and Rank YouTube Videos Higher on Google

Getting more views on YouTube can be challenging, but there are some hacks that top video editing professionalsuse. They can help you rank higher on Google, and significantly increase the number of your clients. Check them out.

1. Create Video Content for the YouTube Audience

When creating content for YouTube, you need to make sure it’s relevant to the audience on the platform. They don’t use YouTube to shop, but rather to pass the time, or solve a particular pain point.

So, forget about your sales pitch. Create content that introduces your brand as a go-to solution for your target audience’s pain points. Compel them to visit your site to learn more about you. Or entice them to visit your store to check out what you have to offer.

2. Commit to the Two-Minute Rule

Gone are the times when aggregate video views on YouTube meant higher ranking on Google. While they still matter, engagement factors now have the top priority.

This means that the number of comments, likes, and shares playsa huge part in your YouTube video ranking. The number of times users have embedded your video on their websites also play a role

But did you know Google’s ranking algorithm also looks at the length of videos? The more time someone spends watching your video, the higher it will rank.

To get people to watch your videos in full, keep them short. Video editing professionals recommend keeping videos within a 2-minute window. That length receives the highest engagement.

3. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Video Titles

Google can’t see what your videos are about if you don’t put it into words. Before uploading a video on YouTube, you need to optimize it for Google.

Name your raw video file using relevant keywords you want it to rank for. It’s smart to choose those in a long-tail and less-competitive department. Add relevant tags as well, and a short description of the video in the comments section of the uploader.

4. Craft a Compelling Video Description

What’s the point of uploading videos on YouTube if you’re not going to drive the built-in audience to your website? To do so, you need a compelling video description with a strong CTA (call to action).

Start by adding a link leading to your website. Then craft an enticing description of about 200 words that will inform Google about your content. Use your keywords, but don’t overuse them, and always use unique and original descriptions.

5. Create a Playlist for Every New Video

Playlists on YouTube are yet another way to increase your video ranking on Google. Create one for each new video and be sure to use synonym keywords.

Let’s say your raw video file name is How to Rank YouTube Videos Higher on Google. Your primary keyword can be “ranking YouTube videos higher on Google.” Your secondary keyword can be “getting more views on YouTube videos.” And finally, your playlist can be YouTube Video Marketing – Ranking Videos Higher on Google.

How Does YouTube Video Help in SEO Ranking?

YouTube videos can help you earn a higher SEO ranking. However, they can do so only if you take the following steps.

– Provide Emotional and Educational Content 

Content that evokes emotions is the most effective type for attracting the YouTube audience. It can help you connect with them and compel them to share your videos.

Educational content is just as sought-after on YouTube, as many people are looking to solve a specific problem. For instance, some may need a tutorial for using specific software. Others may need an SEO guide for beginners. Give your audience something of real value that’s relevant to their needs.

– Enable Google and YouTube to Understand Your Content

You already know that Google and YouTube can’t “watch” your video content. That’s why you need to create optimized titles and descriptions, use keywords and tags, and use closed captions when uploading a transcript.

– Create Strong CTAs 

CTAs are vital for compelling your viewers to act. The best way to capture qualified leads is to use a strong CTA while they’re engaged in your video. It’s when you have their full attention, so you should use that to your advantage.

Use annotations for your CTAs and entice your viewers to visit your site to check out what you have to offer.

– Promote Your Videos on Your Website and Social Media

 Embed your videos on your website and relevant blog pages, and promote them on social media. Social media allow you an opportunity to extend your reach on a global scale, so don’t miss it.

Encourage your followers to comment and share, as interactions will bring you more traffic, views, and engagement. With more views and higher engagement, you’ll eventually get a higher SEO ranking.

This is because Google will see your videos as relevant and useful, given the views and engagement they garner.


YouTube videos can truly help you boost your SEO ranking, build an excellent reputation, and communicate your brand message. So, follow these tips from numerous video editing professionalsand craft high-quality videos for your specific audience.

There are many video editing companies you can work with to create outstanding videos for your products. Consider thiskind of collaboration, as it can be incredibly rewarding.

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