OH! Films produces influential video series for TEDx

By May 9, 2018Video News
OH! Films produces influential video series for TEDx

OH! Films, Cambridge-based video production company recently completed a series of influential keynote videos for TEDx, created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.

This year TEDxCambridge University included talks by Bryan Zhang, Billy Boyle, Martin Bond, Nikita Hari, Soumaya Keynes, Niki Adelakun, Dr Advait Sarkar Erica Cao, Amber Cowburn, Peter Ajak, Dr Elizabeth Wagemann and Dr Sander van der Linden.

The conference covered a broad range of topics, ranging from mind & mathematics to philosophy & performance art. TEDxCambridgeUniversity  examined the simple power of asking Why, and the ways in which questioning the status quo may allow us to subvert established thinking and discover better solutions. With a diverse and exciting group of speakers at the forefront of their fields, this event was definitely not to be missed, which you can now catch up online!

TEDxCambridgeUniversity aims bring ideas worth sharing to the city of Cambridge with the aim of connecting like-minded people across the University, welcoming students, postgraduates, professors, scientists and artists from a variety of sectors and interests.

Amos Fong, TEDx co-organiser, commented: “OH! Films team worked brilliantly with us during TEDx preparations and throughout the event itself.  They captured all talks professionally and delivered the videos we are proud of.”

OH! Films have become renowned for delivering on time and on budget, in a way which takes the headache out of film production.  To start your project and use it in your next marketing strategy successfully, please get in touch via our online form here.

To watch all keynote talks please visit TEDx YouTube channel for more information.

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