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People love stories. The most clicked videos are those that feature stories in them, other than a simple video introduction of a product or company. You’ll need to plan to create more videos with stories feautring your staff, customers and products with clever ideas that will get your audience hooked each time they click play. We at OH! Films specialize in capturing stories which communicate, influence and inspire.

Nowadays, many businesses and organisations we work with are focusing more on people’s stories or their missions rather than just their brands. Creating emotional online videos will deliver more traffic and recognition for your company. Aside from inspiring and emotional videos, videos who could pull up a good humor also earn many views, shares and purchases.

Start publishing video regularly. By producing and publishing videos on a consistent basis, your brand will stand out from the competition as more people will get a chance to think about your topic or industry. Also, consider using a specialist video-hosting provider to deliver the videos that you are creating. This will not only ensure that your videos look great on whatever device your prospects are using, but also allow you to get information regarding the people watching your videos (for the purpose of data analysis).

Below is our latest event film we produced, which saw over 700 of the in-house recruitment industry’s most talented recruiters spend the evening at the 2016 In-house Recruitment Awards.

Developmental molecular biologist Dr. John Medina agrees, concluding that we can only retain 10% of a piece of information we read after 3 days, but adding a picture increases retention by up to 65%.  And it turns out video is worth even more!  Usurv, a UK-based survey company, surveyed 1000 UK adults and found consumers are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%), and like (56%) online videos than blocks of text, even if they contain the same information.

And isn’t that exactly what you want from prospective customers – to engage with your company, talk about your products, share your content, and ultimately get in touch?

Sound good?  Get in touch with our team and see how we can help capture your next film project.

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